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Shahd (Nectar) book & publication

Specialized publication of guild forum of biscuit industries, Shahd publication, sweet and chocolate

This publication was established in 2008 as the Tribune of forum and has published 38 leaflets until March,2018.

Beneficiary owner of the publication has been the forum from establishment day and the executive is Ketab Tarh Persian Co.

This publication was designed in 5 sections as follow:

Analyzing issue, problems and findings of the industry:

1-  Sweet and chocolate as the header, conversation with head of the forum, conversation with heads of industries, note and analytical assays and one question from managers of industry

2-   Scientific and training assays in frame of specialized trainings, analysis of new finding in industry

3-   News and information of foreign brands and familiar names in the industry

4-  Brief review of important industrial news

5-  Finally, vitrine, including latest sweet and chocolate products of Iran

Enthusiasts to receive the publication or participating in publication may contact through telephone numbers or send their writings to following email address:

+98 21 88526765




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