Basic rules of advertising and other

Section 1: method for environmental advertising during exhibition

1-  Performing any environmental advertising during exhibition is subject to receive certificate from public relations unit of Iran Intl Exhibition Co. and doing payment for it, in case of any violation, public relation unit shall collect advertising materials.

2- Exhibitors are authorized to use inner environment of booth to apply their advertising materials. Using corridors and side booths for this subject is prohibited.

3-  Hanging any banner or poster or similar material from roof of the salon is prohibited and in case of any violation the exhibitor shall pay for penalty to public relation unit.

4-  In order to subject mentioned in previous clause , exhibitor may hang banner and posters on walls and roof only 160cm higher that height of booth if we consider 250cm as standard height.

5- Using multimedia systems is authorized if related certificate is received from public relation unit and if it is not disturbing surrounding booths.

6- In case of any tend to take photos from booths and in order to receive certificate from public relation unit , the exhibitor must inform the holder.

7- Advertising materials for foreign goods including catalogue, brochure CDs, photos etc. which are going to be distributed in booth must be in accordance with Islamic criteria and shall be approved by holder 20 days before opening day.

8- If the exhibitor wants to publish an advertisement in book of exhibition further expense shall be paid by exhibitor and holder shall introduce publisher to exhibitor.

Section 2: other items

1-   Exhibitors who need separate internet connection must download related form from website and fill and deliver it to information and scheduling management of Iran Intl Exhibition Co.   at least 10 days prior to opening day. Iran Intl Exhibition Co.  Shall supply this service if there is facility for providing this service in that salon. Expense of this service shall be paid by exhibitor directly to that company.

2-   In addition to above mentioned items, exhibitors, according to type of their activity must inform their contact efficiently about their presence in the exhibition, and take appropriate strategy to attract customers.

3-   Insurance fee for personnel in the booth and personnel of contractor of building booth and other legal expense is up to that company.

4-   Installations and physical facilities of salon like air conditioning systems, sanitary services, parking, restaurant, and drinking water, quality of building and construction of salons are all in possession of the Iran Intl Exhibition Co.

5-   Considering all mentioned items in correspondences between holder and exhibitor is mandatory and any consequences about ignoring these items are up to exhibitor. And only agreements between holder and exhibitor are valid which are signed and in writing.  

6-   All claims and objections by exhibitors are valid until 1 month after closing day of exhibition after that all objections are invalid. Also all objections shall be announced to holder otherwise forum of Iran Intl Exhibition Co.  Shall be the arbitrator between them.

7-   In case of any force major like war, flood, earth quake, strike, firing, death of high official of country and change in any current law which cause cancellation of exhibition or change in scheduled of exhibition , shall not make any responsibility for holder, and the holder shall turn back payments after deduction of prepaid fees by holder.

8-   If Iran Intl Exhibition Co. for any emergency reason, changed time or location of exhibition,  this shall not make any responsibility for holder  and holding the exhibition shall follow new conditions.

9-   If number of exhibitors for any reason is not enough for holding the exhibition, the holder will be forced to cancel the exhibition and pay back the exhibitors.

10-    All required payments shall be announced by holder to exhibitors. So paying any money for any reason for anything to the present people in the fairground including workers and janitors etc. shall be up to exhibitor.

11-    Any side service like recording, publishing books, CDs or magazine which is being done by holder shall be announced to exhibitors. Therefore avoid paying for such thing before announcement of the holder.

12-    Holder does not have any manipulation in rules of Iran Intl Exhibition Co.  And is same as exhibitors to obey these rules.

13-    If the holder is forced to close any booth for any violation of rules by exhibitor, no payment shall be returned to the exhibitor and exhibitor cannot claim for any compensation.

14-    Considering Islamic affairs is mandatory for all exhibitors.

These rule are prepared according to rules of Union Convention on International Exhibitions and current rules of Intl exhibitions and is being observed in all famous exhibitions all around the world.  And holder is authorized to do Prosecutions in case of any violation.


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