Online registration laws and regulations

General rules for online registration and locating

1- The holder is fully authorized to accept or reject applications and accepting applicants with unrelated and side products is not possible.

2- Starting day for online locating and booking shall be notified to the exhibitors through website of exhibition and sending email to the email address provided in the registration form and sending SMS.

3- Since it is possible to choose a booth by several applicant while online registration simultaneously. Locating booth shall be done automatically by website for the applicants who do the registration formalities sooner. So the holder cannot make any change in allocating and locating the booth.


4-Receiving user name and password does not mean that the booth can be allocated to the applicant and allocation of booths to applicant is based on priority of referring to website and doing all steps to the end  and if an applicant referred to website after all booths are full, the holder will not take any responsibility in this case.


5- Applicant of participating in Machineries and related equipment section must consider condition of selected booth according to condition of machineries, and consider location of columns. Of course any change in area of booth after the capacity of the fairground is full shall be impossible. Location of columns on drawings is not accurate and it is only possible to have accurate location while delivering booths.


6-Holding committee shall avoid delivering booths to applicant who used other’s user name and password to book a book and have not done registration steps.


7-Applicant who were not successful to locate a booth online or referred to the website after the salons are full, may send their application to holder committee, and committee in case of any cancellation or elimination of any applicant shall proceed to book a booth for that applicant in related field of activity. The applicants who attempt sooner shall take priority to the others.


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