Guide online registration

First step: online pre-registration

Applicants for domestic section should register their pre-registration through introducing a representative on website with name and details of goods category and other information until getting user name and password which will be activated after investigation of documents.

·         In order to receive user name and password to enter into locating website  and also facility to send announcement of holding committee until holding time, adding email address and cell phone No of representative for registration in pre-registration level is mandatory.

·         Since the announcement will be done through bulk SMS sending systems, the presented cellphone number should be capable of receiving bulk SMS.

·         If the applicant does not attempt to do other steps including: pre-registration, sending documents, online locating and final registration in allocated time, application of applicant shall be considered as an expired application and because of large amount of applicants to participate in exhibition and limitation of salons and areas , holders will not be liable to transfer booths to applicant according to pre-registration.

                                        second step:

in this step, applicants of domestic section are obliged to send required documents to committee including:

·         Valid Usage or industrial certificate ( presenting establishment certificate for domestic section is not accepted) . the companies that do not have required certificates are bounded to present confirmation of manufacturing activity in writing from industry administration of their province.

·         Registering trade mark

·         Confirmation according to national or valid international standards

·         Brochure or catalogue of Applicant Company for goods and services provided by applicant.

Important note: according to instruction of new approval of board of directors of Iran Intl. Exhibition Co. :

Imported goods in bulk which are mixed with Iranian goods after packaging (providing certificate, introduction letter or marking “under license” phrase) and are shown by Iranian exhibitors shall pay 30% in IRR and 70% in foreign currency.

·         Receiving user name and password does not mean that the booth can be allocated to the applicant and allocation of booths to applicant is based on priority of referring to website and doing all steps to the end  and if an applicant referred to website after all booths are full, the holder will not take any responsibility in this case.

Third step:

this step can be done after performing first and second step, in this step applicant through activating user name and password by holding committee can book required booth according to type of goods they want to present through website and have only two days to pay for booth fee online. 

Online primary booking of located booth by applicant will be finalized only when all the steps are done and the payment is fully done including 9% VAT. Otherwise the booked booth shall be changed to a free booth and it is possible for other applicants to book this booth and the holder is not responsible in this case. 

Registration for domestic and foreign applicant in exhibition (trading companies or representatives of foreign companies to participate in salons and open area) shall be done according to process of previous years. For more information about registration please contact holding committee. (+98) 21 88558066

                               Important note: for using online registration and locating software refer to the manual on website.

Subdivisions of International Exhibition of Sweets & Chocolates includes:


Industrial products: biscuit, sweet, chocolate, toffee, candy, corn flake, jelly, wafer, affiliated industries and etc.

Traditional products: gaz, sohan, baghlava, pashmak, ris, nogha, etc.

First materials:

Cocoa powder, cocoa butter, oil, flour, farina, glucose, baking powder, vanilla, sugar, essence, gelatin, milk powder, citric acid, food colorings, developers etc., 

First material for packaging in sweet & chocolate industry:

Printing materials, packing wrappers, paper, cardboard, aluminum foils

Domestic and foreign machineries:

Manufacturing, cooking, mixer, forming, coding, shrink, packaging


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