General Rules booth construction


Section 1: technical requirements and building booths

1-    Minimum area for prefabricated booths is 12 square meter and minimum area for self-made booths for IRR companies is 24 square meter and foreign currency companies 18 square meter  and 20 square meter for open area.

2-  Prefabricated booths with common equipment shall be providing for exhibitors. Common equipment includes surrounding panel, carpet, board for entrance of booth, one power outlet, lights (2 of 100w lamps or projector) one desk, 2 chairs for 12 square meters.

3-   For self-made booth, only land can be provided. And supplying equipment for building booth shall be done by exhibitors.

4-   Exhibitors who apply for open area booths and build booth on their own must introduce contractor of building booth to the holder 30 days before beginning day of exhibition. Without introduction providing further cooperation is not possible. Please note mentioned time for building booth to have enough time if any revision is needed in design of booth. Drawing of booth must include complete information of dimensions of booth and used material, power network and other information.

5-  Exhibitors must inform contractors about rules of building booth. As the holder does not have any relation to contractors for building booths, any probable damage to area of exhibition shall be compensated by main company. If the exhibitors do not consider technical rules presented by Iran Intl Exhibition Co. , the exhibitor shall pay penalty that its table is available through links on website. Other forms are available too and in case of any violation m exhibitor must pay for penalty.

6-  For booth in above subject power network shall be extended until the closest electrical post to salon. So it is necessary that exhibitors provide power cables, fuse and other requirements.

7-  According to instruction of Iran Intl Exhibition Co. design of all safe-made booths must be confirmed by supervisor engineer and the supervisor must sign and seal related form. The forms which do not have sign of supervisor cannot be approved by holding committee.

8- Fir self-made booths, entrance of any equipment for building booth need to receive certificate of holding committee. If the drawing of booth is approved by committee then certificate for building booth will be issued.

9-  Performing any construction operation in prefabricated booths and entrance of equipment to do any changes in these booths is prohibited.

10-   Exhibitors who build booth on their own must download related form to power supply from the links on website and after confirmation of holding committee present it to power unit in construction and installation management of Iran Intl Exhibition Co. located in exhibition assistance building, ground floor, power unit to supply them with power network .

11-  In case of showing heavy or tall   machineries which a crane is needed to carry them into the salon and also machineries which need high voltage power to run , the axhibitor must inform the holder before registration and locating.

12- The latest time to issue building certificate is 10 days before beginning day.

13- Using construction materials like cement, sand, stone, blocks and raw metals, kneepan, MDF, raw wood and cutting machines and saw (higher than 50 ampere), wind pump (higher than 20lieters) and similar equipment is prohibited. And exhibitor can use light prefabricated structures or prepare skeleton of the structure in a workshop and assemble it in the salon.

14- Booth building personnel must consider safety principles and use tools which are safer. Also utilizing experienced staff is mandatory and necessary, avoid employing amateurs. 

15- Authorized height for building booth is different for different salons. So consider authorized height for every salon.

16- If the booth includes two floors, exhibitor must inform the holder 20 days before building the booth and reason and usage of second floor and after confirmation of holder the exhibitor can procced to build the booth. Otherwise if any problem happens in procedure of building booth, holder may not take any responsibility. Also the second floor should be open and expense for second floor shall be considered as 50% of primary rental fee.

17-In order to increase security of the booth all sections of booth must be seen from outside of booth. Building any section of booth which can’t be seen from outside shall cause penalty for exhibitor.

18- Contractors for building booths must emphasize their staff to inform manager of salon for using power, water and other facilities of salon. In case of any damage to equipment of exhibition, the exhibitor shall pay for damages. Manager of salon will be in salon from the beginning day until ending day also name and cellphone number of manager is marked on the door of salon.

19- Since the salon will be open in the last day before beginning day for doing interior design of booths so doing constructing operations  which make dust and cause pollution for surrounding booths and objection of other exhibitors is prohibited. So all these operation must be finished 22 hours before beginning day.

20-  In order to facilitate access of fire fighter to all area of salon, putting equipment and other extra thing behind booth or walls is prohibited and shall cause penalty for exhibitor.  And exhibitor must take them out of salon.

21- It should be noted that all operations for booths must be finished until 6 P.M of a day before beginning they, otherwise security of the salon may close the door and holder is not responsible for such events.

22-  Vacating waste and used materials in the area of fairground is prohibited. Small rubbishes can be dropped in the garbage out of salon and big wasted must be taken out of fairground. In case of any violation, the exhibitor shall pay for penalty.

23-  If the exhibitor builds the booth by himself and if the height of booth is higher than surrounding booths. It is necessary to cover behind of the booths using wood and painted materials to keep the appearance of salon regular. Also advertising on part at the back of booth which is seen in the other’s booth is prohibited.

24- As the facility for water network is not provided for all parts of the salon, so in case any need to connecting to water network(non-drinking) to show a machinery, you can download form of water network and other form from link on website. Mentioned form must be confirmed by holding committee and delivered to water network unit located in basement of administrative building of Iran Intl Exhibition Co. of course if the facility of water network exist in the salon this service can be available for the exhibitor.

25- Contractors of building booths must avoid drilling floor of fairground and walls and other areas. In case of happening such thing penalty shall be paid to Iran Intl Exhibition Co. before ending day of exhibition. (table of damages is available on website) . in case of any damage to equipment of fairground the exhibitor must pay for the penalty.

26- In case of unfinished operation of building booth since these event makes conflicts in beginning of exhibition and may cause irregularity in appearance of salons. The holder can claim for penalty and exhibitor must pay for it.

27- While registering, the amount of 20000IRR and 2 euro per square meter shall be added to the amount of rental as the expense of fire insurance and power network.

Section 2: Transferring and arrangement of booths

1-   Locating booths and method of transferring them is completely up to holder. It is possible even after approval of drawings and locating booths, the holder change the location of a booth for some reasons. In this case the holder will try to deliver a new booth with condition close to the previous booth.

2-   According to process of exhibition, the holder is obliged to deliver drawing of location of the booth to the exhibitor at least one month prior to opening day. If it was possible to locate the booth sooner, the holder shall co-operate the applicant in this case, applicant may decide for location of his booth.

3-   Locating column in some booths is inevitable, but it will be tried not to locate columns in the booths. Location of each column will be specified on drawing, therefore please consider location of column while drawing and avoid painting columns and electric parts installed on.

4-   According to instruction of Iran Intl Exhibition Co.  Salons shall be available for exhibitors 3 days before opening day. So exhibitor must consider the time to be able to finish building booths in shortest time.

5-   Prefabricated booths shall be delivered to exhibitor one day prior to opening day.

6-   Entering vehicles into area of fairground is prohibited and transportation in the area of fairground shall be done by workers and carts. Also entrance of van and truck into the area in preparation days is subject to receiving entrance certificate.  

7-   Transferring booths or sharing with a partner is prohibited and shall cause penalty for exhibitor.

8-   Entrance of crane and truck into area of fairground to transport material for building booths is allowed for only preparation days and for ending days transportations shall be done by contractor of fairground.

9-   Considering area of booth is mandatory. Avoid placing your equipment in front of other’s booth and using area out your booth area shall cause penalty for you.

10-    Cleaning services shall be only for corridors and cleaning the booth is up to exhibitor. So entrance of janitors into booth without consent of exhibitor is prohibited. Also cleaning the area of the fairground is up to holder.

11-    In case of any request for extra equipment. Related expense shall be paid by exhibitor.

12-    Please not that common quantity for table and chair in the booth is 2 chairs and 1 table for a booth of 12 square meter (only for booths built by holder) and extra quantity needs payment.

13-    Mentioned information in registration form by applicant is the criteria for further actions. Area of the booth and type of booth and equipment shall be considered as it is mentioned in registration form. In case of any difference after delivering booth please inform holder.

14-    If the applicant, apply for a prefabricated booth with equipment, the condition of application about equipment can be changed at most 10 days before opening day. Of course holder will not return fee for booth to the exhibitor.

15-    After delivering the booth check the area of booth, any objection about area of the booth can be accepted only two days after opening day.

16-    If because of size of machineries the applicant wants to increase the area of booth especially for self-made booths. Extra area shall be considered as the area of the booth and the exhibitor must pay for the amount of the area before ending day.


Section 3: demolition and depletion of booths after closing day of exhibition.

1-      Depleting booth is unauthorized until closing day. Depletion of booths shall be started a day after closing day and shall be done in 48 hours.

2-      In final day, time for opening salons for depletion will be announced to exhibitors. it is necessary for exhibitors to be present in salon in order to prevent damaging goods and stealing. Even if the exhibitor is not ready to deplete booth in first day, he must send a person to be present in the fairground to protect goods. Of course all type of people will enter into salons including janitors, worker etc. that wicked people can enter into salons among them to steal something. So responsibility of protecting goods after closing day is up to exhibitor.

3-      Exhibitors who attempt to decorate their booth on their own must proceed for demolition of booths and depletion after closing day.

4-      In case of any delay in depletion and demolition of booth, the holder is authorized to transfer equipment of exhibitor to warehouse and expense of transferring and warehousing fee shall be paid by exhibitor.

5-      If any part of payment for rental of booth, constructing fees, rental of equipment etc. is not settled, discharging goods from salon is not authorized.


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Table of damages to salons and fairground area in electrical installation s

Construction and installations-electricity

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Executive bylaw of qualification of contractor of building booths

Design and booth layout

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Table of authorized height for constructing in salons and open area

Construction and installations-electricity

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Method of calculating expense of consumed electrical power for prefabricated and self-made booths

Design and booth layout


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